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How guest rooms were built in the old days.

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Today we will tell you how people used to renovate their guest rooms in the old days. In those days, there were no lights, no TVs, and no unique furniture. Hand-stitched on each side of the room were rare and charming curtains. And about two hundred candles were burning in the room, which lit up the room. People ate in brass pots. They drank water in pots and pans. 

The old days were also a golden age. In the old days, there was no TV and no internet. Everybody used to sit and talk to each other and tell good stories to their elders. There was neither cleverness nor cunning. Everyone was very straight. No one broke anyone’s heart. Every time a relative came home, the faces of everyone in the house shone with happiness. 

They were sheltered in the guest room of the house. The people of the house generously prepared food for their guests according to their budget. The food of the old days was not as adulterated as it is today. The food of the old days was very pure and free from adulteration. The people of old had excellent health because they ate fresh and unadulterated food. In the evening, when tea was made, everyone in the house would gather in one place and enjoy their time together.

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