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How to Protect your Home from COVID-19


Coronavirus Precautions Introduction:

The third wave of Coronavirus has wreaked havoc in the world. There is fear everywhere. And India is in dire straits at the moment. Coronavirus is present in every third household in India. The third wave of coronavirus is much more dangerous than the first and second waves. As everyone knows, this third wave came from Britain. There is a great need for precautions.

Which homes need the most care?

1- People living where there is a more flat system are in dire need of caution.

2- People living in apartments are also not very safe so they also need precaution.

3- And even in a family where many members of the same family live, such a house is not safe.

Keep COVID-19 Outside Your Home

When you leave home for work, such as to go to the office, to go to school, to pick up any essentials, there are obvious chances that you may also become a victim of coronavirus. And by bringing this deadly disease home, you can also harm your family members with this disease.

What mistakes do you make when you go out of the house that causes your illness?

1- Getting very close to people. (Closer than 6 feet).

2- Staying in the crowd and spending time in the crowd. (more than 5 people).

3- Shaking hands with people.

4- Repeatedly touch your face.

Use of mask

1- Use scarves and fabric masks, surgical masks, KN95 / N95 / FFP2 masks.

2- Never use cotton masks because cotton masks do not prevent germs from entering the body.

3- Make sure to use a mask when going out. If your partner does not use a mask, ask him to wear a mask. If he still does not, do not go out with him.

4- The mask prevents coronavirus germs from entering our body, so it is important to use a mask.

Stay at least 6 Feet Apart and Avoid Crowds

1- Never stand in a crowd when you leave home for work.

2- Keep a distance of at least 6 feet so that you are safe from this deadly disease and the rest of the people are safe from you too.

Keep washing your hands

1- When you are at the home, office, school, or any other place where handwashing service is available, wash your hands every half hour.

2- But if you are traveling or in a place where there is no hand washing service, you must have hand sanitizer with you and use sanitizer on your hands after every twenty minutes.

Prevent Coronavirus Inside Your Home:

Make sure you wear a mask when you’re at home. Because your family members may be coming out of the house and they may bring coronavirus with them, caution is necessary at home.

Whenever you come home from outside, take a good bath once to get rid of all the germs in your body. Never go back to your family without taking a bath. Also, use plastic sheets in your rooms as coronavirus also enters the body through the air.

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