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5 Fun Kitchen Crafts 2021 | Kids Activities

Fun Kitchen Crafts

Easy Cup Cake

Take a cup, add cornflour, sugar, egg, flour and mix well. And then mix the ingredients well. The cake will be good only when it is well mixed. Then leave the cup to cook in the microwave oven for five minutes. An excellent and delicious cupcake will be ready in five minutes.

Fun Kitchen Crafts

Colorful Popcorns

First, you take corn, colorful beans, two tablespoons of cooking oil. Place the pot on the stove and heat it with a little oil. Then you add the colorful beans and put the corn in it, cover, and leave it to cook for thirty minutes. Thirty minutes later, the rainbow popcorn is ready.

Colorful popcorn recipe, Fun Kitchen Crafts

Easy Homemade Yogurt

Take the milk and beat it until the milk bursts. Then put ghee in it and freeze it in the fridge. Wait hours with. Fresh yoghurt will be made in seven hours.

Easy Homemade yogurt, Fun Kitchen Crafts

Easy Fresh Juice

Take water in a glass, add lemon, sugar, and some mint pieces and mix well. After mixing well for five minutes, add ice cubes and serve.

Easy Fresh Juice Recipe, Fun Kitchen Crafts

Easy Cookie Recipe

Take eggs and mix them well, add sugar, almond oil, and shake well. Now add butter, milk and stir more and then cut the mixture into a cookie shape and leave it in the wool for twenty minutes.

Easy Cookie Recipe, Fun Kitchen Crafts

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