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A Haunted House In Texas City | Reality-Based Stories

A Haunted House

Shaky house

There was an incident in 1970 when some members of a family came to live in Texas, a famous city in America. Here they bought a very old house in a deserted area on the corner of the city. The condition of the house was very dilapidated. The house was made of woods. As soon as they entered the house, they saw spider webs all around the house. Far away no population near the house. There were a total of five people who came home, including a man, his wife, and their three children’s, two boys and a girl. 

The boy was eighteen years old, the girl was fifteen years old and her younger brother was ten years old. So they entered the house and started cleaning the house. The couple and their children cleaned the whole house in one day. Now they live in peace in this house. But one night when everyone was asleep, suddenly some voices started coming. 

The husband woke up and woke up his wife. He asked her if she could hear any voices. The wife said it might be an earthquake. They immediately woke up their children and went out of the house to wait until the quake subsided. But as soon as they got out of the house, the quake stopped. They wondered what had happened and the quake stopped as soon as they came out of their house. They will go home again and sleep. But the next night they started to feel the earthquake in the house again. This time the ground was shaking very hard.

They turned outside again and the quake stopped again as soon as they got out like last time. This time they would be so scared they couldn’t even call anyone for help because no one lived far away. So they decided to enter the house again. The husband called the police the next day and told them the whole story, but the police kept reassuring him not to worry, it was just their delusion. But when night fell, the house began to shake again. This time the house was shaking very fast. The house was moving so fast that no one could stand. 

The household goods were blown away and the people of the house seemed to be injured. Then the husband managed to get out of the house with great difficulty, and the people of the house would be able to get out of the house after being seriously injured. As soon as they got out of the house, their house started coming back to its old dirty condition. The people of the house decided to flee from here and they will succeed. 


“It is said that this house was occupied by spirits and they did not like anyone else to come and live in this house. Whenever anyone came to live in this house, these spirits would scare them and drive them away from here”.

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